Product:  One Piece P.O.P Excellent Model NEO-DX
Hawk-Eye Mihawk

Product Type:  Display Figure

Number of Figures in Range:  1

Manufacturer:  Megahouse

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  5,700 (around 45)

Purchased from:  Robot Robot, Nakano Broadway, Tokyo

Rarity:  Rare

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

Yes, it's back once again to the fantastic Portrait of Pirates figure range!  I know that may sound like a bit of a biased start to the review, but I don't make statements like that without good reason.

Master swordsman Dracule 'Hawkeyes' Mihawk was one of the coolest characters to ever turn up in One Piece, but it took a fair while for a figure of him to be released.  When it did it sold out so quickly in Japan that even UK retailer Neon Martian were unable to get hold of it even though they managed to get all of the others.  Looking at it you can easily see why.  Mihawk was one of the first figures in the Portrait of Pirates DX range, and it certainly lives up to the tag.  The figure stands at an impressive 9" (24cm) high and comes fully painted and assembled with the exception of a couple of optional parts, and sculpt-wise it is one of the finest figures in the DX range so far.  Mihawk is depicted in a typical pose looking suitably menacing in his

 trademark plumed hat, open shirt and cape, and looks exactly like his manga and anime incarnation.

The detail and painting on the figure is stunning.  Mihawk's piercing eyes and the pattern on his shirt sleeves are drawn cleanly and the colours are spot-on, the sculptors have really captured the character's physique too.  The sculpt is excellent, with few visible mould lines and it is so well made that it will stand up on its own if you wanted to take it off of the supplied base.  The cape also has brackets on the back that can hold Mihawk's massive black sword, or you can put it in the supplied alternative hand - which is one of a couple of extras which we'll come back to later.  The sculpting on the sword is probably the best on the whole figure, with beautifully elaborate scrolling and unusual blade perfectly depicted.

All in all the figure is superb, although I am surprised that the hat is not removable (even though he never takes it off in the manga or anime, so it is accurate I suppose).  It is one of the best of the Portrait of Pirates range so far, superbly depicting one of the most impressive characters from a series that has spawned so many superb characters.  I mean, look at the picture.  Just LOOK.  How can you not want 

that in your collection?  It is so rare for companies to produce figures of male characters from anime and manga, but ironically the Portrait of Pirates figures depicting male characters have been more impressive than the female ones.  The figure is being re-issued in early 2010, and trust me if there's one figure you buy next year you owe it to yourself to make it this one.


As with all of the portrait of pirates figures this one comes with a hexagonal base embossed with the character's name and affiliation.  Also included is Mihawk's massive cross-shaped sword which is nearly as tall as the figure itself and can either be slotted into the holder on the figure's back or placed in the alternative hand supplied.  The hands can be swapped easily but fit securely with no chance of coming apart, and putting the sword in the hand is easy too, you just need to pop of the end of the hilt.  Even better though is the tiny blade included which can be swapped with the bottom of his crucifix necklace to make the tiny concealed dagger Mihawk fights Zolo with in the manga and anime!  It's such a good extra, and demonstrates the quality and attention to detail Megahouse get into the Portrait of Pirates range.


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