One Piece Surprise Egg (Bath Bomb)

Product Type:  Cosmetic

Manufacturer:  Bandai

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  5 each

Purchased from:  Hyper Japan

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)

Let us be honest for a moment - most imported anime merchandise which costs a fiver or under is rubbish.  If it is under fiver it will either be a rubbish gashapon, a rubbish bootleg or some rubbish you will throw away in your next spring clean.  This is something collectors will learn the hard way, buying some cheap rubbish when they start off so they can appreciate the more expensive items as their buying grows gradually out of control. 

That is not to say everything under a fiver isn't worth a punt on though.  Pencil boards, trading cards and phone danglers can come up trumps, as well as more unusual items like this One Piece Surprise Egg (or bath bomb in the UK).  If you are unaware of what a bath bomb is, it something you pop in the bath once the water has run and it then fizzes away to nothing.  The fizzing produces air bubbles and scents the water whilst adding colour also.  That is what a bath bomb does, but a 'surprise egg' also has a small object in the middle, usually a small figure.  It is something that is common in Japan, but hasn't caught on in the UK.  This surprises me as I'm sure a Matey bath bomb would go down a storm, as would a Lynx one with some kind of witty sexist comment hidden in the middle. 

Anyway the One Piece Surprise Egg is, surprisingly, not rubbish.  Once it has fizzed away your bath will be smelling sporty fresh and the water will feel more cleansing than usual.  It isn't particularly different than using loads of liquid soap or shower gel, but you can sit back, relax and wait for a small figure of a man or reindeer to be revealed the murky water.  

The figure you will get will either be Luffy, Ace, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper or Whitebeard.  When my surprise egg dissolved I got Whitebeard, the first and last time I have ever shared a bath with a grinning moustached man.  Joking aside the figure is pretty cool though, as it comes with a hook allowing you to use it as a mobile phone dangler, or anything else you wish to dangle it from.  It seems like a missed opportunity that didn't use figures of the ships which feature in One Piece though, as they could have been used to float in the bath or as bathroom ornaments after.  That said, having a human figure will save you money if you just buy the Surprise Egg rather than an individual hanger.  Buying the Surprise Egg and using the figure to hang from your phone should save you 4 and the figure is of the same quality. 

Aficionados of bath bombs will not doubt shop at Lush regularly and may turn their nose up at this.  Well to those aficionados I can say this smells a bit like The Ickle Baby Bot but is better as it comes with a cool figure from a range of cool characters, none of whom feel like 'filler'. 

To those who aren't Lush aficionados, it smells much like any sports shower gel found in the blokes section of Tesco.  With the added bonus of a nifty One Piece figure! 


Many weeks later the figure still smelt of the surprise egg it was encased in, which is good should you wish to remind yourself of what it smelt of.  Also you get to keep the figure which does stand up for display (unlike the figure which came with the Noir soap) and can be used as dangler for your mobile phone. 


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