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Based on:  Mythwear Courier Bag (Inu-Yasha sitting design)

Purchased from:  Kathie's Comics (Bristol)

Cost: 30

Sorry it has been a long time coming, but the review of the mighty Mythwear Courier Bag is finally here!  It took a while as I did not want to review a bag as soon as I got it - I wanted to see how durable it was first, so I waited just over a year before reviewing it. 

The bag measures 13x11x3.5" and inside features 12 pockets - these are 3 pen pockets, 1 zip-up mesh pocket, a pocket behind the mesh pocket, 6 small pockets and the main interior of the bag itself.  The main interior is the size of the bag itself and is most handy for not only manga on the go, but also any important work documents you need to carry around (yes, I do take mine to work with me!). 

The exterior of the bag features a further pocket on the back and two mesh drink holders which will easily hold 330ml cans.  These mesh pockets can double up as a handy holder for any bag tags or keyrings you may wish to attach also, they hold them in place well. 

The Inu-Yasha design on my bag has not faded at all since I bought it and the it has stood up well to scuffs over the past year - it still looks new!  The bag can also hold more weight then you may think with it's strong strap, which is definitely good for an anime shopping spree! 

Also the bag is incredibly lightweight and - if you have little in it -  you hardly know its there.  The bag is also perfect in rush hour or on the Tube as it sticks close to you waist when you have it strapped around your shoulder. 

If you have yet to invest in a Mythwear Courier Bag, then I suggest you should definitely consider it.  Although at around 30 you may think them expensive, I found mine to be much more durable and far less bulky then any backpack I have owned in the past and I am sure mine will keep going strong for another year. 


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