Kuroneko plush

Product Type:  Plush toy

Number of Designs in Range:  1

Manufacturer: GE Entertainment

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): 7.99

Purchased from: TokyoToys.com

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer: Tom (Webmaster)

Kuroneko is a curious little dickens.  In his native series Trigun he only shows up for seconds in each episode of post-apocalyptic western for no reason at all.  Is this black cat a symbol of luck or doom?  No-one knows but he certainly makes a cute plush. 

Measuring in at a suitable 6" and made of 100% polyester, this plush is a good representation of the character Kuroneko with it's expression reflecting it's mischievous cameo tendency in Trigun well.  The colours, however, are quite dull when compared up to the character's anime origins and the plush does have quite an unusually rough feel to it for a plush. 

It is quite clear that this plush has been designed mainly for display purposes due to lack of any 'huggable' factor that this plush has.  Whether or not that matters is your opinion and how big a Trigun fan you are.  This plush is still a good buy though as there are few other plushes out there as understated as this one, which makes it perfect for display purposes.  Those looking to buy a plush for younger relatives may want to seek out a more 'huggable' plush though. 


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