Petti Kitty Chocolate (Hello Kitty Chocolate Cubes)

Product Type:  Confectionary

Number of Designs in Range:  Unknown

Manufacturer:  Glico

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  1.29 (import price)

Purchased from:  Centre Point Super Store, London

Rarity:  Rare

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

Gawd bless Hello 'Omnipresent' Kitty.  Go in any Oriental food shop in the UK and there will always be some Hello Kitty sweets of one form or another for sale, and odds on you will be sorely tempted to buy them.

  In the case of this box of tiny chocolate cubes I must admit I was drawn in by the strange day-glo packaging and the psychedelic, multi-coloured Kitties.  This is probably the oddest packaging I have ever seen for sweets, what a blue grimacing Kitty has to do with cues of chocolate I have no idea.  The tube itself is about the same size as a Smarties tube, and is packed with loads of tiny cubes of chocolate no more than 5mm in size.  The chocolate itself is pretty unspectacular, there are three types of cube - milk chocolate, white chocolate and that pink strawberry chocolate you sometimes get in pick n mix - all of which taste nice enough.  Glico is Japan's equivalent of Cadbury's so this is the chocolate is a step above the advent calendar crapness you are expecting, but it's nice rather than delicious.

The problem with Japanese snacks is that they are often pretty pricey to buy in England, and these are no exception.  However, on the plus side they do pack a fair amount of cubes in the box and if you eat them a few at a time (which is fine for a nice chocolate hit) it will last quite a while.  They are pretty good overall, they taste nice and you do get plenty for your money, plus there's the sheer retina scorching packaging to show off.  However, it is still 1.29 a box in the only place we have found them for sale (Centre Point Super Store just off New Oxford Street in London) and considering they probably cost a fraction of that in Japan, it's not as if you are buying Green & Blacks or something.  Tasty enough, but probably a whim purchase rather than anything to buy regularly or actively seek out.


The box is actually resealable thanks to a handy slide out tab on the side, which I will admit I didn't spot immediately despite the really obvious diagram.  Also Centre Point Super Store has handily put a sticker on the back with a best before date, net weight and importer name on it.


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