Hello Kitty Mineral Water

Product Type:  Consumable

Manufacturer:  Sanrio

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  158 (Approx. 70p)

Purchased from:  Sanrio Puroland, Tama Centre, Tokyo

Rarity:  Rare

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)


Everyone who has seen the masses of Hello Kitty items on offer has at one time or another shared a single thought - is it possible to live using only Kitty branded products?

There's Hello Kitty furniture, Hello Kitty clothing, Hello Kitty kitchenware, Hello Kitty transport, Hello Kitty electricals, Hello Kitty food... and now another step is taken towards Kitty utopia - Hello Kitty Water.  I repeat: HELLO KITTY WATER.  Not Hello Kitty's water, that would be wrong.  No, I'm talking about the very stuff of life, Adam's Ale, Eau, Wasser, Aqua, Mizu...Hello Kitty invades the very thing that covers 70% of the Earth's surface, and makes up around two thirds of the human body.  Is there nowhere Sanrio won't take their mascot?

Once you've gotten over the initial shock and got past all the 'Hello Kitty's water' jokes, you will probably be disappointed to find that it's just...water.  Nothing special, no added vitamins or minerals, no slight flavouring, just...water.  Water is water, you know what it's like and this tastes no better, worse or indeed different to any other bottled mineral water available.  In a way this is disappointing.  It's a Hello Kitty product so you expect strawberry flavouring or some random comic strip on the bottle, you expect cuteness!  But no.  Just water.  The bottle is normal, and has a normal (but Kitty themed) label.  The bottlecap is probably the best bit - it has an image of Hello Kitty's face on it - but other than that it's just plain, normal water.


So back to the original question, is a Hello Kitty life possible?  Well it definitely looks that way, but only really if you live in the Tama district of Tokyo.  You see, on four trips to Japan we have only seen Hello Kitty Mineral Water available in one place - the Sanrio Puroland theme park.  For Kitty fanatics this could cause a bit of a problem, but for the rest of us it means that Kitty omnipresence is still kept at arm's length...for now...


Well it's a bottle of water so it, errr, has a cap.  It has a nice picture of Kitty on it.  Potentially you could use the cap as a very small cup, but only if you want people to avoid you for being weird.


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