Gungrave Calendar 2006

Product Type:  Calendar

Number of Designs in Range:  1

Manufacturer: Broccoli International

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): 8.95

Purchased from: TokyoToys.com

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer: Tom (Webmaster)

If you have yet to see the excellent Gungrave, then you would have surely seen the equally excellent Trigun and be aware of Yashiro Nightow's striking and stylish artwork, which this calendar has in abundance. 

Each month contains group images of characters from the anime which will easily please fans with each picture printed on high quality glossy paper.  Although many of these images are just the DVD covers, that is definitely no bad thing as all the DVD covers were well detailed and very stylish images that portray the Gungrave's story of loyalty and betrayal brilliantly.  To see them again in this calendar in a much larger format is therefore fitting and does more justice to the power of the images. 

The months and dates of the calendar are presented in a suitable gothic style, but thankfully the dates are against a light beige to allow for quick reference when you need to check a date.  This background colour works well as it does stands out from the main images, but never overpowers them or vice versa - the balance is just right. 

Unfortunately, as this is an import from America, it only lists dates of American holidays and not British ones.  Given the lack of anime calendars available in Britain though, this is unavoidable and a small price to pay for owning such a stylish calendar. 

If you owned a Trigun calendar last year and fancy something similar yet different, then the Gungrave calendar an obvious choice.  Striking and possibly even more stylish then Trigun, this calendar is a testament to one of the coolest anime series to grace fans in recent years and will not disappoint Gungrave fans. 


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