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  Gundam SEED Strike Gundam GAT-X105 T-shirt

Product Type:  Clothing

Manufacturer: Bandai

Suggested Retail Price: 3,045 (around 15)

Purchased from: Akihabara Department Stores, Tokyo

Rarity: Very rare

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)

Despite the popularity of Gundam model kits in the UK there is a distinct lack of Gundam clothing available in the UK.  This is surprising given the amount of it available in Japan, in particular this t-shirt I bought whilst there. 

Based on the recent incarnation of the legendary mecha series Gundam SEED, this t-shirt really stood out from the other at the department store I bought it from in Akihabara, which was inventively titled the Akihabara department.  It stood out because the other generally just had a Gundam or Zaku on a black background, nothing else.  Bit plain I thought but then this white t-shirt, with it's detailed intricate wire-framed image of the Strike Gundam, called to me.  It was, and remains, truly unique and is vastly different to similar merchandise.  The understated use of colour is what impressed me the most and didn't scream 'I'm a Gundam fan! Listen to me!' but rather 'yes, I do like Gundam but don't have to tell anyone.' 

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So the image is fantastic and unique but that is not all.  Behind the image it tells you what Gundam actually stands for (it's General Unilateral Neuro-link Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver*) and the small-print tells you that Strike Gundam is a 'oppose militancy and neutralize invasion enforcer'.  None of these stupid words detract the attention from the main image thankfully and the image still looks simply stunning. 

The t-shirt is also 100% cotton so is comfortable to wear but since this is a Japanese t-shirt you could experience some problems.  Japanese clothes sizes are different to UK sizes but, as a general rule, I found that you need to buy one size larger then you would normally be buying in the UK.  So if you are a medium you need to buy a large and then it should fit fine.  Also this only seemed to available in only three sizes: S, M & L (so in UK terms SS, S & M).  The only other problem I found is that the neck can be a little tight but this should not prove to discomforting. 

If you find this t-shirt online anywhere I strongly recommend buying it, but unfortunately the store where I bought it has now closed down.  Although the main department store is still in Akihabara, Tokyo the actual section were I bought the t-shirt is gone.  Still, if you look hard enough you should find it - either online or in Japan.  It is well worth splashing out on it if you find it. 


Unusually for a t-shirt this comes in a pretty impressive looking box with the bizarre statement 'Are You Coordinator?' on it (see above).  Another bizarre statement is that this is part of the '1:1 scale' series but I think it is obvious that this t-shirt is not the same size as a full scale Gundam!  The box also as an authenticity hologram on it, handy to know if you find it online so you can tell whether it genuine or not.  It is also a pretty sturdy and cool looking box as well and could be reused to store other things in after taking your t-shirt out. 


* please note that this incorrectly spelled on the t-shirt and I have typed it exactly as it appears

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