Gundam Sweet Tin & Collectible Card

Product Type:  Collectible / Confectionary

Number of Designs in Range:  Unknown

Manufacturer:  Morinaga

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  158 (around 80p)

Purchased from:  AM/PM Grocery Shop, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Rarity:  Extremely Rare

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

Click on the following links to see a close up of tin & card, and of the assembled standee

Tin & Collectable Card | Assembled Standee

This is the kind of thing that really makes Gundam fans wish they lived in Japan!  These sweet tins were available from normal grocery shops (AM/PM is the Japanese equivalent of convenience stores like The Spar) for a nice low price and came in a range of designs which each focused on a different Gundam series.

The tin approximately 4" (10cm) long by 3.2" (8cm) wide and 0.8" (2cm) deep and contains a small bag of chocolate covered cereal rings and a single clear plastic card depicting a character from whichever Gundam series is on the tin.  The tin I have is for the cheesy-as-hell G Gundam, and the card inside depicts a character called Dren from Mobile Suit Gundam.

The metal tin itself is decent quality for the price - it fits together well and is pretty sturdy - and the image on the front is excellent, depicting G Gundam's main characters Domon and Rain standing in the foreground with Neo Japan's 'Burning Gundam' behind them, and the Japanese logo in the top left hand corner.  The background behind the characters is picked out with metallic paint which makes the image look very dynamic (it actually makes G Gundam look cool, which is a feat in itself...) and the image quality is relatively high, with no blurring but a little bit of graininess when looked at closely.  The small bag of sweets contained within the tin are basically exactly the same as the little chocolate rings you get with a Muller Crunch Corner yoghurt, which means they taste a bit like chocolate covered Cheerios and aren't really anything to write home about.  The final item in the tin - the character card - seems a little bit pointless until you look at it closely, when you'll notice that it can also be turned into a mini standee of whichever character you have!

The standee stands just under 3" tall (around 7cm) when assembled and is in four parts - the main pic of the character with two slots at the bottom, a semicircular stand with a single slot, a semicircular stand with two slots and a small closeup of the characters face.  The pieces are easy to remove from the card and slot together easily and firmly, with the closeup of the character's face sitting in front of the main pic (see image, above), and best of all the standee does actually stay stood up.

For the price this is a great piece of merchandise, you get sweets, a small standing figure and best of all a sturdy tin for under a quid, which is great value.  The tin maybe small but it is useful, and could easily be used to store bits and bobs or as a cigarette tin, and it easily fits into a coat pocket.  For the price these tins are brilliant and are well worth any Gundam fan, or any anime fan for that matter, seeking out.


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