Product:  Bomé Collection: Buster Machine #7 Nono

Product Type:  Display Figure

Number of Figures in Range:  1

Manufacturer:  Kaiyodo

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  £20

Purchased from:  Nostalgia, Birmingham

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

Kaiyodo's 'Mon-sieur Bome' figures were amongst the first budget plastic figures to come close the quality of statues, and with the prices of many of them dropping nowadays I thought it would be worth giving one a look.

One of a trio of Gainax-inspired Bome figures (the others being of Otaku no Video's Misty May and Gunbuster's Noriko), this one is based on Nono's Buster Machine incarnation from the latter episodes of Gunbuster 2.  Yes, you can't beat an anime figure that gives away a plot spoiler, although Gainax try by putting her on the front cover of the BluRay release as well.

But let's talk about the figure.  As you can see from the image on the right it is pretty cool, depicting Nono's Buster Machine form in a classic pose with a look of determination on her face and her flaming hair and scarves billowing behind her.  The figure stands at around 10" (25cm) tall and comes fully painted with little assembly required.  The painting and moulding is clean and the detail work is sharp on both the face and body, and the sculpt is pretty good.  The colour scheme, with the white costume contrasting nicely with the red trim and flame-coloured hair, is pretty striking too.

Colours aside though there are a few things that let this figure down.  Firstly is the costume which, although striking and accurate to the anime, lacks detail.  Bome made a premium statue of the same character and that had missile launchers on the legs, more body detail and a better sculpt on the hair.  Although this a budget version of that figure, I don't see why some of the detail had to be sacrificed especially when there was an existing design to work from.  I mentioned the sculpt on the hair a second ago, don't get me wrong, they haven't done an awful job and I do like the gradient effect with the colours, but it's mostly one big lump.  It doesn't look like hair should, which is a big drawback considering it is a focal point of the figure's design.  What they have done on the figure they have done well, but despite the striking first impression it gives, a closer inspection leaves it seeming a bit plain.

Perhaps I have been spoiled by the superb One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures, because this is accurate to the anime and superior to a lot of figures based on Gainax titles.  However, it seems to me to lack something that would make it special.  At the price you can currently pick it up for (about £20) it is good value and it is better than the Noriko and Misty May Bome figures, and in fairness there is precious little Gunbuster 2 merchandise around.  It is certainly not a bad figure, and Bome has done a great job of capturing the anime character in the pose and design, but the final execution is slightly lacking. 


Comes with a sculpted base, and an alternative set of arms which means you can display her with arms folded or with on hand on her hip.  This is quite a nice extra, although the folded arms can be a bit awkward to take off the figure.  The base isn't bad either, it's often the case that the stand for the figure will be just a featureless black disc, but in this case it is styled after the Gunbuster emblem.  Not bad.


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