Genki Gear hoodie range

Product Type:  Clothing

Manufacturer: Genki Gear

Suggested Retail Price: 24.99

Purchased from: genkigear.co.uk

Rarity:  Common

Reviewer:  Amichan

The latest venture for the Genki Gear brand is hoodies.  Released with perfect timing at the beginning of autumn to provide an alternative way of keeping ones self warm.

So what do you need to know?  The hoodies are available in the unisex size of small to XXL.  This in itself is unusual as many clothing brands do not offer such a wide range of sizes to its customers.

One thing which is apparent straight away is that the design of Lilith (created by the artist Wing) is very striking.  This is because of the choice of colours used; red, white and black  for the design makes it stand out from a distance.  Just below the design is a pocket area where you can store items or keep your hands warm while walking out in all the cold weather that we have had in the past couple of months.

As I am a size 12/14 on top, I bought the medium size hoodie and found that it fit with room to spare.  However, I would point out that a potential disadvantage of the unisex sizing is that smaller sized girls (size 8 and below) may find the small size too big dependent on how they like to wear their hoodies.

The inside of the hoody has a fleecy and soft quality to it.  One of the main features that I quite like about it is that the hood is massive.  This means that if you want to keep the wind of your face your hood will stay up and will not fall down.

The designs of the Genki Gear hoodie range
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As with any thing you buy clothing wise one of your main concerns is will it last or will it fall apart after one wash?  I can safely say that after owning this item for nearly 6 months and several washes later it is still as if I bought it yesterday. This is because Genki Gear take the same pride with their hoodies as they do with their t-shirts and ensure that they are heat sealed so that the quality will last.

Overall, this is what makes this hoody great, not only is it a great design which appeals equally to both men and women.  But you also know that this is an item of clothing that you can rely on for some time.  With the price of 24.99 it really is great value of money.


New Genki Gear labels with their mascot panda


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