Product:  Gainax Edition Stick Poster Collection

Product Type:  Poster

Number of Posters in Range:  48

Manufacturer:  AQUAPLUS

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  525 (Approx. 3) each.

Purchased from:  Gamers, Teramachi-dori, Kyoto

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

Anime posters are not as common in Japan as you may expect, so we were pleased to discover these Stick Posters were marked down to about a quid each when we were there!

Each Stick Poster box contains two posters which measure approximately 18cm (7") by 51cm (20"), and have a high-quality colour image on one side.  Each poster contains one of 48 pictures of characters from Gainax anime works, including ones from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, He Is My Master, Gunbuster, Otaku no Video, Wings of Honneamise and FLCL.  The number of characters covered is staggering, and like many Japanese collectibles the posters are 'blind boxed', so you don't know which designs you have got until you open the box.

I must admit that I was very impressed with these posters.  Not only do you get two in each box, but the number of series covered is impressive and best of all the pictures are not ones you will have seen before.  Each image seems to be newly commissioned as far as I can tell, and designs include anime style cel artwork and paintings.  It's great to see new interpretations of familiar characters as all too often the same images are trotted out again and again.  I was also very happy to find characters from older series covered, and pretty shocked to get one poster of the main character from the DAICON III and DAICON IV opening films, which were amateur anime shorts done by future members of Gainax before the studio formed!  I am unsure of the full range of characters covered, but the ones I got were Leiqunni from Wings of Honneamise, Misty May from Otaku no Video, the bunny girl from the DAICON III & IV openings and Izumi from He is My Master.  Each image looks great and is printed on good quality paper too.

The only real problem with these posters are the shape.  Because they are long and thin


finding a place to stick them can be difficult, and if you wanted to frame them you'd have a hell of a job finding one the right size.  Also because they are blind boxed you could end up with several of the same design.  If you're not bothered by this then it's well worth picking these up if you see them.  They are good quality posters and the designs cover a more exhaustive range of Gainax works than any other merchandise I have previously seen.  Great stuff!


They come in a nice box, with what seems to be a list of artists or characters on the back (my knowledge of kanji is pretty limited I'm afraid...).  Presumably this relates to the designs you find inside.  Other than that though, zilch.


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