Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection Figure: Episode 19 - Introjection

Product Type:  Display Figure

Number of Figures in Range:  3

Manufacturer:  Sega Prize

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  N/A (prize item)

Purchased from:  Sega Arcade, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Rarity:  Hard to Find

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

When in Japan we went through a mild addiction to 'UFO Catcher' machines, those claw grabbing machines you find in some arcades over here were in all of them in Japan, and these figures were one of the prizes we won.

These figures are a series of three themed around scenes from episode 19 of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, and depict Rei Ayanami holding Gendo's glasses to her chest, Misato Katsuragi with her arm in plaster and her empty sleeve blowing in the wind, and finally Hikari Horaki in an apron cooking breakfast.  The three figures are ready assembled and painted and each come with a sculpted base with holes for the pegs on the bottom of the models' feet.

The problem with Evangelion merchandise is that there is so much of it that the quality can vary wildly, and unfortunately these figures do not fall in to the high quality bracket.  At a glance these figures look good, the Misato one (the tallest of the three) stands at just under 6" (15.5cm) tall and Rei & Hikari are each just under 5" (13cm) tall, and all three are bright, vibrant and colourful.  The bases are a nice touch too, sculpted fittingly with tiles or sand and the models connect to them easily, if a little loosely.  However, the problems become apparent under closer scrutiny.

Moulding lines are apparent on each part of each figure, and the points at which the plastic was poured into the mould are marked by small pits and marks where the excess plastic has been carelessly removed.  The join lines where the hair and fringe have been connected together are obvious and unsightly, and there is a small but noticeable flaw on the front of Rei's skirt.  The painting, for the most


 part, is good though.  Misato has some good detail work on her jacket and necklace, the faces are well painted with no mistakes on the eyes and the highlights in the hair are clean and noticeable.  There is some bleed between the white of Rei shirt and the dark green of her uniform, and the same is true of Hikari's apron and dress, but this is only really visble when looking very closely.

The thing is these flaws are noticeable under close scrutiny but take a step back and the figures don't look bad.  The poses are instantly recognisable from the series and the figures stand up well and are in scale with one another.  They are also bright and colourful and it is good to see a figure of Hikari - a character that is usually overlooked for merchandise in favour of Rei and Asuka.  These aren't bad figures but they aren't much above average, they would probably be quite cheap if you found them but there are better Evangelion figures out there.


Each figure comes with a simple square base which it clips to easily with no need for glue.  The bases all have some minor sculpting to show ground detail like floor tiles or bare earth, and like the rest of the figures look ok but are nothing special.


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