Di Gi Charat Dejiko cosplay cap

Product Type:  Action Figure / Toy

Manufacturer: Broccoli

Suggested Retail Price: 3,100 (around 15)

Purchased from: Gamers, Akihabara Tokyo

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)

As you can probably already guess, I had a lot of money to spent on holiday in Tokyo and made a lot of impulse purchases - bizarre snacks, t-shirts that didn't fit and this cosplay cap.  When I got back to the hotel and looked at it I thought 'what have I done? When can I possibly wear this?'.  Well, I may not have worn it much since but I certainly do not regret buying it.

What's so good about it?  Well for starters it is a higher quality product then it may appear.  The material is very soft and comfortable and it is quite snug when worn.  Secondly it is based on the excellent Di Gi Charat and as this show isn't that well known in the UK the cap will look quite unique when compared to similar caps.  Thirdly, unlike other caps, this cap is actually a true reflection of the character on which is it based, as they do wear it as a cap (see below.  So quality-wise there is little wrong with this cap, but there are flaws. 

As modelled by your friendly neighbourhood otaku

The major flaw of course is if you are ever going to get the opportunity to wear it at all.  The obvious acceptable places where you could wear it without hassle would be an expo or convention, but you may not attend enough in one year to justify the cost of the cap.  You might consider wearing it on a night on the town for a laugh, but the chances of you still having it on your head after a drinking session are unlikely. 

As modelled by the unfriendly actual character

So is there anywhere else it could be worn?  Well you could be sad enough to wear it around the house.  After all it is warm and comfortable and could be used as a sleeping cap, but then I doubt anyone reading this has a sleeping cap anyway.  It is quite effective at making smaller relatives laugh at how silly you look when wearing it, and you will probably end up letting them have it to play with.  OK, the cap may get messy but at least you could introduce your younger relatives to anime.  They will be dying to watch some crazy episodes of Di Gi Charat after wearing it! 

So overall is it worth buying?  If you know for sure you will be attending expos/conventions and want to show your fandom in bizarre fashion, then parting with 15 for this cap is a pretty effective way of doing it.  It is also quite handy as part of the full cosplay outfit it you want to go the whole hog.  If, however, you are not attending any expos or conventions then it is likely this cap will remain a curio in your merchandise collection.  It did remain a curio in my collection for sometime, but now I may have to wear it to the forthcoming MCM Expo in May to get some wear out of it! 


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