CLAMP in 3-D Land vol 2

Product Type:  Display Figures

Number of Figures in Range:  5

Manufacturer:  Movic

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  525 (Around 3.50) each

Purchased from:  Animate, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Rarity:  Rare

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

Despite CLAMP's popularity there has not really been a huge number of figures released based on their manga or anime titles.  However, CLAMP in 3-D Land is a range of figures that goes some way to redressing that.

This range is the second of (at the time of writing) eight, and as it was originally released in March 2007 it's not that easy to come by now.  The range consists of five figures based on CLAMP works from across their long career, they are Yasha from RG Veda, Freya from Chobits, Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle,  Hikaru & Mizaki from Angelic Layer and Rikuo from Legal Drug.  All five figures come ready painted and assembled, and each figure comes in a sealed box, so you don't know which one you'll get until you open it.  The figures are depicted in a cute 'chibi' style, and unusually for an manga figure range there are more male characters than female ones!

Each figure looks superb too, with some real thought put into capturing not only the look of the character in question but also the feel of them.  Yasha and Syaoran are both from fantasy series and are depicted standing atop rocky outcrops, ready for action.  Rikuo is depicted

sitting languidly on some steps, whilst Freya lies seductively with the Atashi plush from story-within-a-story City With No People by her side.  However, from a purely visual point of view the best one is the Angelic Layer figure, which uses mock perspective to impressive effect by depicting Hikaru leaping into action whilst a tiny Mizaki cheers her on in the background.  The painting and level of detail is excellent on all the figures, but sadly mould lines are noticeable on close inspection, which is a little disappointing.  However, there's one big problem that affects the Angelic Layer figure in particular - it won't stand up!

The problem with the figure is although it looks great the centre of balance is heavily towards the front of the figure due to Hikaru's pose.  This means that the base needs to be wide at the front to compensate, and it isn't.  When I got mine out of the box the base, which gets thin towards the front to keep the perspective effect going, was curled upwards at the front leaving no support for the figure.  Even after bending it downwards repeatedly to try and correct this the figure still falls over, it just takes longer.  Even when it is standing it seems like anything makes it fall over, from the

Click for picture of full range!

slightest breath to a change in air pressure.  It's damn annoying, especially considering the imaginative design of the figure, that they've made such a fundamental error.  I know you can correct it with a bit of blu-tack, but that's not the point!  You shouldn't have to piddle about, it should stand up straight from the box!

It's a shame that several of the figures are top heavy and can easily be knocked over, because, other than a few visible casting lines, these figures are excellent.  They're imaginatively designed, with a real care and attention put into the visual impact and faithfulness to the source material.  It's great to see characters from older series - such as RG Veda - and even unfinished works like Legal Drug getting a look in alongside the usual suspects too.  I can't think of any other figures or merchandise for Legal Drug off the top of my head, and you can never have enough Chobits and Angelic Layer merchandise!  If you're a fan of CLAMP then you'll buy these no question, and visually they are excellent.  It's definitely a shame, as if the technical design matched the artistic design then CLAMP in 3-D Land vol 2 would be getting a much higher score.


Each figure is all-in-one and any sculpted bases form part of the figure rather than coming separately.  Other than the nice box and the obligatory crap sweet that you're never quite sure if you should eat in case it's the Japanese equivalent of silica gel, there's nothing.


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