Konami Figure Collection: Chobits

Product Type:  Trading Figures

Number of Figures in Range:  6

Manufacturer:  Kodansha

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  6.99 each

Purchased from:  TokyoToys.Com (UK Based)

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

Pyjama Chii | Pyjama Chii (Close) | Black Chii | Black Chii (Close)

With the anime series (at the time of writing) on the immediate horizon courtesy of MVM and the manga available here from Tokyopop, it seems that we in England can't get enough of CLAMP's sci-fi romance Chobits.  Good job there's some merchandise available to sate our appetites then...

These figures from Kodansha and Konami are the kind that are usually sold in sealed boxes in Japan - so you are never sure which figure you will get - but for their US release they are put into blister packs so you can be sure of avoiding duplicates.  The figures reviewed are both of the mysterious 'Persocom' Chii, one of the main characters from the Chobits series, and depict her in two typically sexy but very different poses.

The Pyjama Chii figure (only 2.5cm/1" high, but 7.5cm/3" long) is immensely cute, with her leaning on her elbows and looking up dressed in nothing but a nightshirt with her insanely long hair falling across her and on to the floor.  The figure is well painted with some good detail on the eyes and earpieces and the sculpting is good too.  Also, although there are some visible cast lines on the shirt and in the hair, there are none on the figure's body which is pretty good for a figure of this size.  My only real gripes are pretty typical of these kinds of mini display figures, in that the it doesn't fix to the base easily and that parts of it don't meet the ground, meaning that when you do attach it most of the figure's body sticks slightly in the air.

The second figure - Black Chii (11cm/4.4" high) - shows her in full-on Gothic Lolita mode, wearing an extravagant black dress with suspenders and black stockings whilst floating in the air with her hair flowing out behind her.  This figure is probably the most impressive in the range, with plenty of care taken over the sculpting and painting and few flaws or visible mould lines.  The figure is really well designed all round, and although the two small sticks used to join it to the base don't seem to connect that tightly to the figure, it is nonetheless surprisingly stable and makes an excellent mini centrepiece.

Overall, and despite a couple of minor flaws in the design of the pyjama model, both figures are great quality and make worthy additions to any fan's figure collection.  They are both immensely cute figures and although a little pricey (as with most figures from Japan and America) they are still well worth picking up to put on a desk or computer, go on - let a little Chii into your life...


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