Product:  Bleach Excellent Model Series 3

Product Type:  Display Figure

Number of Figures in Range:  3

Manufacturer:  Megahouse

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  3990 (Approx. 20) each

Purchased from:  Sofmap, Teramachi-dori - Kyoto

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer:  Rich (Webmaster)

I was very impressed by the first series of Megahouse's Bleach Excellent Model Series, and I had no hesitation in picking up a later range.  Whilst the first series focused on the two central characters (Ichigo and Rukia), the later ones branch out to the wider cast.  This series in particular features two figures based on rebel Soul Reaper Yoruichi Shihoin and vice-captain Matsumoto Ragiku.

As with the previous series both figures live up to the 'Excellent' title.  Standing about 10" (25cm) tall, they are solidly made but look superb.  Some simple assembly is required and the figures are both pre-painted to a high standard.  The buxom Matsumoto is the more striking of the two figures, mainly because of her sultry pose and expansive bosom.  However, I was more taken by the smaller (but still in scale) Yoruichi figure.  This figure captures the character perfectly, with her standing with her arms crossed wearing her orange jacket.  The detail is superb on both figures, with perfect sculpting and design bringing the characters into 3D with ease. 

The creators have really done their homework, the figures look like they could have jumped straight out of the manga or anime.  The facial detail, often so hard to capture accurately, is perfect, as are the character poses.  The figures look great together with the others in the Bleach Excellent Model range, but even on their own they are superb. 

The problem with large plastic figures like these is that they are sometimes ruined by mould lines and pits caused by the moulding process.  This is usually most obvious on the hair, and this is the only place where it really shows on these.  The lines are well hidden on the rest of the figure, and can only really be seen with close scrutiny.  Everything has been

produced with care and the parts fit together firmly but easily.  There are no gaps or loose parts and the model's feet are flush to the base when attached, something that rarely happens with plastic figures.

As with the previous range these Bleach Excellent Model Series 3 figures are, well, excellent!  PVC figures have become so good that they are rapidly replacing resin as the main material for display figures, and they are a hell of a lot cheaper too.  You can generally pick these up for around 30 in the UK, and trust me, they are well worth it.  A must have for any Bleach fan.


A plastic base which has the Bleach logo and character's name (in English) on it is included with each figure, but that is not all.  The Matsumoto figure has a removable sword, but the Yoruichi figure is the most impressive for extras.  As well as a removable neck scarf her orange jacket can also be taken off, revealing the black vest top she wore in her fight against Soi-Fong.  The jacket is a superb bit of design, when in place it looks like part of the figure, but it is actually made up of four pieces that slot together around the figure's torso.  It is easy to remove and re-attach too.  To be fair the figure looks better with it on, as it adds some colour, but it's good to have the option.


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