Appleseed Figures

Product Type:  Trading Figures

Number of Figures in Range:  8

Manufacturer:  Unknown

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  8.99 each

Purchased from:  TokyoToys.Com (UK Based)

Rarity:  Hard to Find

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)

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Briareos | Briareos (Detail)

A figure range based on the latest Appleseed movie from creator Masamune Shirow, this figure range has been highly anticipated by fans of the original manga and does not disappoint.  All the figures are good representations of the characters that they are based upon and represent the action of Appleseed well.

The Briareos figure (13cm/5.2" approx.) is an interesting one.  On the one hand it is well detailed, has a big gun and is sturdy and well-balanced.  On the other hand it is a bit of dull figure due to the dark green and grey shades but makes up for this by putting the character in a striking pose ready to attack with his gun.

One disappointment for me is that you are unable to pose this figure, which is a bit of shame considering that the gun comes separately, it seems a missed opportunity.  This is no great shakes though, because as I said before he his in a striking pose which suits the character extremely well.

The other figures of sexy ladies in this range may look better on your shelf but this figure of Briareos should not be overlooked as it is the only figure in the range that really stands out by itself.  It is more individualistic to the other figures in the rang as they are just the usual generic characters (three of the other figures - Cerulean, Viridan and Carmine - are all in the same pose) and this instantly stands out.


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