Full Metal Alchemist Pocket Watch

Product Type:  Apparel/Gadget

Number of Designs in Range:  1

Manufacturer: GE/Funimation

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): 24.99

Purchased from: TokyoToys.com

Rarity:  Uncommon

Reviewer: Tom (Webmaster)

If you have seen the show, you have to agree that Full Metal Alchemist is really something.  Hugely entertaining with its mix of action, drama and comedy it is a great show and a show this good deserves merchandise that it equally good.  Thankfully this pocket watch represents the quality merchandise based on Full Metal Alchemist which has been released. 

Not only does this pocket watch look rather nifty considering its low tag price, it is quite different from most other anime merchandise because it is actually, well, good.  For starters it is made of metal, not plastic, has an attractive case bearing the state insignia logo from the show.  It also does not look out of place if you are planning to wear it as an everyday item as opposed to just a cosplay item.  I myself have been wearing this with my suit to work and does go well with the suit as the belt clip and chain (around 25cm) make it more practical then cumbersome. 

This watch has to be the most impressive piece of Full Metal Alchemist merchandise so far and, in my opinion, an essential purchase.   The only negative is that most will see the everyday wearing of a pocket watch somewhat eccentric and unusual but, these same people are also anime fans and therefore a tad unusual in first place.  

Don't discount this as a mere cosplay item, see it as an everyday item that subtly shows your fondness of Full Metal Alchemist and - when you flip that button that releases the case to reveal the time - hope that, like me, there is more merchandise of this quality to come. 


The watch comes with a metal display box which is essentially a tobacco style tin with a clear lid.  Not that I'll be keeping mine in the tin - I'll be wearing it! 


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