Tom (Webmaster)

Based on:  Full Metal Alchemist State Insignia Keychain

Purchased from:  TokyoToys.com

Cost: 4.95

If you are a big collector of anime keyrings then, like me, you may have found that although stylish they are often pretty big and more suited as a bag tag or purely for collection purposes, not for keeping in your pocket with you keys.  This is were the Full Metal Alchemist State Insignia keyring differs from the others. 

First, and foremost, it is made from metal with a chunky and reliable feel that it will be a servant of keys for years to come.  Secondly the screw chain is more secure and a lot less cumbersome then other anime keyrings which keeps it small - as a keyring should be.  Finally the metal fob - which bears the state insignia of everyone's favourite alchemist show - has to be the most stylish anime keyring out there.  The understated design is a stark opposite to the other colourful anime keyrings on the market and this is the only anime keyring of mine which has drawn attention from non-anime fans.  After seeing it they have even expressed an interesting in buying it. 

Although at just under 5 this keyring may be a bit more pricey then most other keyrings, the high price is totally justified when you consider all the positive points above.  This is an essential piece of merchandise whether you are a fan of Full Metal Alchemist, an anime fan, or a non-anime fan. 


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