Doraemon Boxer Shorts

Product Type:  Clothing

Manufacturer: Bandai

Suggested Retail Price: 100 (60p approx.)

Purchased from: Arcade, Ikebukuro Tokyo

Rarity: Very rare

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)

I may have commented often that Japan is the 'land of randomness' and this product is just the latest which confirms that statement.  The character Doraemon is an icon in Japan, the series about the cute robot cat has been running weekly since 1978 so it is about time he had his own underwear. 

Unfortunately for UK collectors these particular boxers are only available as a prize in grabbing 'claw' machines in Tokyo which is a shame.  Surely any fan would love to own a pair of these beauties?  All the ladies love Doraemon so surely they would not mind the cute bizarre kitty emblazoned on you crotch?  Ok, maybe not but I bet you still want them.  If you were in an arcade in Japan would you not leap at the chance to grab these?  Of course you would!  You would then be wearing them with pride around the house, not caring if your neighbours saw you through the window. 

The back view.  That's Doraemon on your ass...

So enough about the fantastic randomness of these boxers - are they a decent pair or cheap and nasty?  Well the material is surprisingly good considering the price (80% cotton and 20% polyester) and have an elasticised waist.  Despite this though I still found them a little uncomfortable as they are pretty tight around the crotch.  I could almost feel my fertility dropping whilst wearing them and could imagine them being Linford Christie's lounging gear.  Around the waist they are fine but around the crotch proved a bit much for me, I wear boxer shorts because it gives more space - not restrict it! 

Get pussy on your crotch! (sorry)

Despite the impotent-inducing tendency of these though, they are still worth owning for the sheer randomness factor and for outdoing fellow fans.  The likelihood of meeting anyone who would own (or admit to owning) these is slim but the price to pay for them outside of Japan would probably be high.  They are well worth the original price of 60p (if you win them out of the machine first time!) for your collection, but paying anything higher would be madness.  

One other thing that may attract the easily amused is that the picture of Doraemon on the underwear is actually wearing boxing gloves!  Hilarious! 

So far I have yet to find any English websites selling this item but I'll link any if I find them.  Unlikely I think. 



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