Vampire Knight vol 2

UK Distributor:  VIZ Media

Created by:  Matsuri Hino

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  5.99

Number of Pages:  208

ISBN:  978-1421511306

Reviewed:  28th September 2008 

Reviewer:  Ami-chan


This second volume begins with Yuki trying to deal with her emotions, after discovering that Zero is turning into a vampire.  She finds it hard to deal with, as on one side she has been attacked by a vampire but on the other hand she knows that they can be good like Kaname.  It is even more difficult for Zero, who comes from a family of vampire hunters.  He finds it hard to accept that he is slowly turning into something that he despises.

However, Yuki does not realise how serious his situation is until she is rescued by the Night Class from a bloodthirsty vampire.  It is through this encounter that she learns about the hierarchy of vampires and that it will become Zero's fate to become a level E.  This is a term used to describe a person who has been bitten by a pure blood, and has been driven insane by bloodlust.  Realising this it becomes Yuki's mission to stop Zero from having such a miserable fate.

During this second volume a new element is added to the mix through the character Yagari Toga, a famous vampire hunter and Zero's former mentor.  When he meets Zero he is so disgusted that Zero is weakening to his blood cravings that he threaten to kill him if he steps out of line.

Through reading this volume you begin to understand the hate felt between Kaname and Zero.  It's not just because Zero is a vampire hunter and Kaname is a vampire.  It is because someone who was a pure blood just like Kaname gave Zero his fate.

In the first volume a love triangle was set up between Zero, Kaname and Yuki.  However, I felt to start with that it was very biased towards Yuki and Kaname.  This volume helps to readdress this, by showing how far Yuki will go to help Zero.  This makes the story more interesting as you are unsure who she will eventually choose.

The artwork of Vampire Knight vol 2 maintains the same high standard as the first.  I certainly enjoyed the use of different angles, perspectives and panels to tell the story.  One element of the manga that amused me was the front cover.  A person who had never read the manga would probably interpret it as a Yaoi title with the two main male characters holding each other in chains!

Overall, Vampire Knight vol 2 continues to keep the standard which is set in the first volume. With more weight being added to Yuki and Zero's relationship it makes it a more compelling read.  This is because you not only want to see these characters develop, but discover who will be Yuki's knight in the end.


As per usual with Shojo Beat titles, there is a raft of advertisements for other manga which may be of interest to the reader.  However, there is bonus manga which helps to show in more detail some of the Night Class members.  One section of particular interest is where there is a brief description of all the characters so far within the story and the meanings behind their Japanese names.  For example, Kaname means nine orchards.  Finally, there are comments from Matsuri Hino throughout the chapters explaining her thoughts and feelings as she puts everything together.

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