Samurai Harem vol 1

Distributor:  Tokyopop

Authors:  Yu Mikamoto

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  £7.99

Number of Pages:  192

ISBN:  978-1-4278-1616-0

Reviewed:  19th December 2009

Reviewer:  Matt Dark


When Yoichi Karasuma leaves his quiet life in the mountains to complete his training, he finds himself staying in a dojo left in the care of four sisters.  But with a wealth of new experiences to explore, will he be able to complete his training without his libido getting in the way?

After 17 years of training in isolation with his father, our ‘hero’, Yoichi is sent to the city to train under the Ikaruga family.  But being clueless to a city life, he is quick to get in trouble with the local police force after a ‘duel’ with a thug.  Its at this time when he meets Ibuki, an instructor at the dojo, who he quickly finds himself falling for.

When he arrives at the Ikaruga dojo, it’s only a matter of time before he almost literally runs into Ibuki’s younger sisters.  As a search for the bathroom ends up with him walking in on Ayame, the second oldest sister, as she is getting changed, bumping into Kagome, the youngest sister and ending up with her panties all before ending up in a rather awkward position with Chihaya, the 3rd sister.  And its from this point that the general tone is set for the rest of the book.

If Yoichi isn’t finding himself groping, or at least in an awkward position with one of the sisters, he usually ends up fighting with Washizu, who is after the admiration of Ibuki herself, which appears to be our main side-story for this manga.

As Ibuki is the only sister who practices in the dojo, the bulk of the story looks like it will focus around her and Yoichi, the middle sisters, Ayame and Chihaya, get a fair amount of focus in the volume.  Ayame herself tries to deal with the fact that she may be getting a crush on Yoichi, despite thinking he’s a pervert and already hating his guys.  Chihaya on the other hand, uses Yoichi’s ‘weakness’ to women for her own needs in order to help her with ideas for her own manga.

Samurai Harem, has the typical scenes of the Harem genre; a somewhat perverted lead male living with a bunch of beautiful women, a torrent of fanservice moments, usually set-off by the lead, and the female characters that almost seem to fall for the guy despite their initial feelings. 

For something that titles itself as ‘inspiration for the hot anime’, Samurai Harem doesn’t really stand out much in the crowd.  It become a little to familiar at times too, especially if you have read Love Hina.  Our lead girl, Ibuki, is essentially Love Hina’s Motoko.  Yoichi’s first meeting with Kagome is essentially a repeat of one of Keitaro’s first meetings with Shinobu, as he end up with a pair of her panties, both leaving the said girl almost in a state of shock.

Samurai Harem is nothing new, and there is already a large number of comedy harem series out there which are already well established.


Along with some adverts for other Tokyopop manga, the end of the book also contains a brief set of ‘info-pages’ on the four lead girls, to tell us what their turn-ons and turn-offs are.


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