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Based on: Volumes 1 & 2

Publisher:  Viz Communications

Kagome is a normal fifteen year-old schoolgirl who one day falls into the well of her house and is transported back to feudal Japan.  Here she accidentally breaks a jewel that gives demons immense power and she must collect all the shards of the jewel before they fall into the wrong hands.  She does this with the help of Inu-Yasha, who himself is a half-demon and would like the jewel himself.

Takahashi has really outdone herself with this manga.  Not only is it as funny as her previous work but also the action is some of the best I’ve ever seen.  Also she has added blood into the fights (which she has not done before) and this helps as some of the demons Kagome faces are quite scary and to give the fights that realistic edge.

Takahashi also varies the stories in terms of action and humour.  Volume 2 for example contains a lot of action where as Volume 3 has Kagome returning home to sit her exams with hilarious – and terrifying – results.  Volume 3 also introduces the character Nobunaga who provides some much-needed comic relief.

Artwork is in Takahashi’s usual style but the way in which many demons are drawn will probably surprise you if you never read Rumic World.  The demons are very well drawn and have different stylings to the human characters which make them feel out-of-place and not part of reality of the manga world in Inu-Yasha.  It was a brave move by Takahashi and has more then paid off.

Inu-Yasha is one of the best manga I’ve ever read because it has something for everyone.  Demons, fighting, humour and plenty of action.  If you are a fan of Takahashi then buy it.  If you are not then still buy it as it is just brilliant.

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