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Based on:  Complete Manga

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Weighing in at 6 huge volumes ranging from 23 to 25 each, Akira is likely to cause you an overdraft but really is the seminal manga no fan could possibly do without.

Beginning much the same way as the anime, it opens with Kaneda and the gang racing through Neo-Tokyo on their bikes which leads to Tetsuo nearly crashing into Takahashi and then being taking away by the military.

That is pretty much where the similarities end. Tetsuo and Kaneda hardly see each other from then on and Akira shows up far earlier and there are far more characters which feature only in the manga. Most notably Chiyoko, a butch hard-as-nails weapons expert who protects Kei for the majority of the story.

That's enough on the story as it is such a magnificent one of a kind experience that you will never find anywhere else.

Impossible to put down, Akira deals with more or less every human issue you can think of and by the time you have come to the end you will be deeply moved and your outlook will have changed immensely.

The artwork of Akira is absolutely stunning. Excellent clear detail. The angles of the characters and scenes are always superbly done. You never think 'he should have done this', you always know that it is perfect.

Without a doubt the best manga I ever read and, in my opinion, up there with Dickens and Shakespeare. One day it will hopefully receive the same respect from the world.

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