Title:  Vampire Knight volume 2

UK Distributor:
  Manga Entertainment

BBFC Certificate:

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):

  5 - 7 (of 13)

Audio Options:
  English and Japanese 2.0


Release Date:
  13 December 2010


At the end of disc one we found out about Zero's terrible attack, which meant that he was now a vampire, fated to deteriorate into a level E with no control over his desire for blood.  Is it all over for him after only three episodes?  We will have to see in disk two...

Disc two deals with the aftermath of Zero's attack on Yuki for blood.  To shake things up a new character appears, Toga Yagari, who begins his role as the new ethics teacher.  But all is not as it seems as he is also a vampire hunter and Zero's former mentor.  This is a wake up call for Zero, who had almost given up to his fate of becoming a level E.  However, Zero's desire for blood is strong and to make matters worse his body is rejecting the blood substitute tablets.  Yuki realising how near Zero is to level E offers her own blood to keep him from deteriorating any more.

 Out of the three episodes though on disc 2 it is the last episode, which is the most intriguing as it goes into Yuki's past.  It goes into depth about Yuki's relationship with both Kaname and Zero.  It also shows how the Cross Academy was set up.

Most shojo series, have a love triangle, its a bit of a cliché.  What varies though is the quality in which they are implemented as part of the story.  In this series, the love triangle is pretty redundant as it is obvious who she is going to choose in the end.  The strength of this series is the supernatural storyline and the fine line between war and peace between humans and vampires.

This disc certainly has more promise compared to the first, which was mainly foundation setting.  The main let down of the series though is the way that it is being released in the UK.  With only three episodes a disc it does not give the viewer much of a taste of what the series is all about.  This could lead to people buying the first disc and not continuing with the series.  Unfortunately, this was a restriction given to Manga Entertainment by the Japanese distributors.  It's a shame though as this could hurt the success of the series in the UK...


Excuse the pun... Zero.


Feature:   Extras: n/a


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