Sorcerer Hunters OVA Collection: Chocolate, Springs And Other Hot Things!

UK distributor: ADV Films

BBFC Certificate: 18

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):

Running Time: 75 minutes (3 episodes, volume 1 of 1)

Audio Options: English 2.0; Japanese 2.0

Subtitles: English

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)


Ask any old fan what attracted them to the wonders of anime when they were just a young teen and the likely answer will be sex, nudity, violence and the sheer insanity of it all.  Titles aimed specifically at adults was what the anime market was all about back then, but in recent years it all got a bit cutesy that the old sex & violence has started to creep back in.  Sorcerer Hunters is just one of the latest titles to bring back the 'classic' themes of the early 90's hey-day back. 

When it comes to nudity, Sorcerer Hunters doesn't mess about as the first episode is set in a hot springs.  This means bouncing breasts, strategically placed towels and raging perverts show up in the opening seconds and don't stop until the episode finishes.  Carrot, the protagonist, is pursuing the older Salad as they are visiting the 'Village Of Night Visits' and it is tradition there to do just that.  While Carrot is pursuing Salad, Salad's son Lord Potee is being stalked by Grand Pa (erm) and Carrot is being stalked by the twins Tira & Chocolate Misu who both have the special power to turn into dominaxitries (obviously). 


The other two episodes are more relaxed then the first.  The second sees Carrot and the other Sorcerer Hunters battling against the powerful Death Master who has turned an entire village into zombies.  The final episode sees the group visit an legendary tree which is said to grant eternal love to any couples visiting it.  Cue all manner of craziness as all the girls attempt to declare the love for Carrot and vice-versa. 

Carrot discovers hidden extras...

Sorcerer Hunters is a odd release from ADV considering the age of the title and also the fact that the original TV series has never been released in the UK.  Unless you have read the manga (available from Tokyopop) you are unlikely to have any idea what is going on at any point when watching this DVD.  The lack of character knowledge does not really matter when watching the insane first episode as the humour is thick and fast, as is the nudity.  The plot is so wafer-thin in this episode that you only need to know the bare essentials of each character so it does not stop it being fantastic fun. 

The other two episodes are different though as, although still fun, much more references to the character past is made and can make for frustrating viewing.  The cliches throughout the DVD are, to say the least, pretty shocking as plot revolving around hot springs, over-the-top demons and romantic trees means you know what it coming from a mile off. 

Despite plot weaknesses though Sorcerer Hunters is the first title I have seen in a long time that I can truly call Saturday night viewing.  Action, laughter and tonnes of nudity makes this superb lazy viewing to watch while drinking with a few mates.  Fans of the original manga might try and say that the strength of this DVD is that the character design is incredibly close to the manga but don't let them fool you.  The strength lies in humour, nudity and a bit of action thrown in. 


Not a great deal here.  There is a credit-free opening sequence, the original trailers for this OVA series and previews of similar ADV titles.  For an old title like this though you can't expect much more and, at 14.99, it is cheaper then most anime DVDs. 



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