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Based on:  Whole series (two episodes)

UK Distributor:  Revelation Films (DVD); Kiseki (VHS)

When you read the back of the case you could be forgiven for thinking that this was hentai.  But this is not the case (well nearly).

Both episodes tell tales of troubled loves which are guided together by the goddess of love Kaguya.  The first episode – Dead girl’s can’t talk – features lesbians, murder attempts and bad dialogue but thankfully there is plenty of humour too.  This comes in the form of a boy besotted with Ikuko becoming a girl in order to save her from death and somehow just by doing that he does.  If you want hentai then you will get it from this episode, but not the next.

The second episode – The lover’s guide – goes easy on the sex and concentrates more on the story and comes up with some good stuff.  Satoshi isn’t having much luck with Mika as he is scared of women and so Kaguya decides to help.  However her assistant helps more and for some reason part of that help involves being transported into a video game.  This somehow makes everything ok.

All in all Rei Rei is a bit of a mixed bag.  On the one hand it can be described as hentai, although no more then what Urotsukidoji is, and on the other it can be very funny and perfect to watch with a few mates and some beers.  Female anime fans may not take kindly to Rei Rei though as the focus of both episodes is that women are evil sexual predators and men will save the day by erm….having sex with them.


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