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Based on:  Whole series (2 episodes)

UK Distributor:  N/A

If you thought Excel Saga was as insane as anime could get then you better brace yourself for the mentally deranged Puni Puni Poemi.  If you have not seen much anime comedy then you probably should not start with this one as it runs at breakneck speed and does not give you the time do wonder what the hell is going on.  Of course you will be too busy wiping tears from eyes what with the laughing youíll be doing every two seconds, but even the most hardcore anime fan will take sometime to get their head around the plot.

As I mentioned this is from the makers of Excel Saga and it makes no attempt to hide this.  Most of the music is the same and, like itís predecessor, it parodies every anime you can think of.  Unlike Excel Saga though Puni Puni Poemi  does not tell you what it is parodying and does not base entire episodes around this parody.  Although the first episode does parody Sailor Moon a lot it is a small proportion of the episode, there is also mickey-taking of mech and rom-com anime.

If you enjoyed Excel Saga then there is no doubt you will love Puni Puni Poemi as it is equally as funny and trust me I mean funny!  Newcomers to anime comedy may want to look at something slightly less insane (eg. Ranma, Tenchi) or check out Excel Saga first which does gives you some breathing space.


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