Professor Layton and The Eternal Diva

UK Distributor:
  Manga Entertainment

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Suggested Retail Price (SRP):
19.99(Blu-Ray)15.99 (DVD)

Audio options:
  English 2.0 & 5.1, Japanese 2.0 & 5.1

Subtitles:  English

Release Date:  18th October 2010

  Matt Dark

Professor Layton has quickly became a top-selling title on the Nintendo DS, with a third title on the way and a fourth already being worked on, it seems unsurprising that a film would be made out of it.  But will Professor Layton's puzzle-solving skills translate onto the big screen, or is this a step too far for even a true gentleman?

When Professor Layton receives a letter along with opera-tickets from a former student-turned-opera singer, the contents of the note prove to be irresistibly intriguing.  In it, she informs the Professor that a friend of hers who died has reappeared as a seven-year-old girl who claims to be immortal.

With his young apprentice, Luke, in tow, they attend the performance, only to find they are going to take part in a game, a game where the winner will be rewarded with the gift of

immortality.  With Luke's help, Professor Layton sets about solving the series of puzzles, unaware of the mysteries and dangers that lurk around every corner.

The eternal diva is an interesting piece.  While it builds up its own little story, it also has to blend in the puzzle-solving skills of Layton and Luke, while their genius is certainly worked in quite well, a lot of the time, the flow is briefly broken up as Layton considers the clues available.

In a way, Layton feels like the Sherlock Holmes of anime, a master at solving riddles and puzzles, picking up on even the smallest details before revealing the grand truth to all the persons present in time for the grand finale.

The story doesn't seem out of place for what fans of the Professor Layton series are used to, with its obscure puzzles, rather odd characters and random inclusion of the odd high-tech device, though some of it will certainly confuse newcomers to the series.

The visuals are quite nice, perfectly recreating the art-style of the games, so all the familiar characters look exactly like they do in their DS personas.  While the art is nothing spectacular

compared to other big-names out there, its style certainly sets it apart.

The Eternal Diva
is certainly set to be a hit with fans of the Professor Layton series, and has an easy-going story that could be watched by all ages.  Certainly worth your time to give this a go.


Aside from a promo video for the up-coming Professor Layton game, 'The Lost Future', the standard edition unfortunately has no other extras, which is a little disappointing.

There will be a 'combi-pack' with both the Blu-Ray and DVD, along with a bonus-disc.  which will include some behind the scenes and making of pieces.


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