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After seeing Porco Rosso it quickly became one of my most favourite anime ever as it is just top entertainment from start to finish.  It was released when Miyazaki was still in his making fun films stage and that is what I like most about Porco Rosso.

At first glance Porco Rosso will appear to be a serious film as you think the main character being human-turned-pig will make it into a whole meaning of life affair but instead you are treated to arguably Miyazaki’s funniest and fresh film.

Animation is of the usual Ghibli standard and if you liked the flying machines in Nausicaä and Laputa then you are in for treat – the planes Miyazaki has created for Porco Rosso look fantastic and as real add to the feel of film.  Like Laputa, Miyazaki as opted for a period setting which allows the animation real character and lavishing detail.

If you have only seen later Ghibli works such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke then you may be disappointed at the fact Porco Rosso is not an epic animation and may deplore the fact that it is dumb fun rather then a serious tale of human nature, but I find this unlikely as Miyazaki is such a masterful film maker he has all genres perfected.

I loved this film and I think all anime fans will do as well.  It’s an ultimate fun film and shows Disney how it is done.  Last but not least I must mention that it also contains a fantastic score by the masterful Joe Hisaishi, who as scored several Ghibli films.  As a whole this film cannot be faulted and I recommend you buy it straight away.


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