Tom (Webmaster)

Based on:  Most of the transmitted episodes.

UK Distributor:  Warner Home Video (VHS)

Currently in it’s fourth season on Sky One, each episode still tends to follow the same format – Ash comes across a new Pokémon, learns something about it and errr….that’s about it.

However, the first series is quite fun and although cheesy has lots of fights which should please Pokémon and anime fans alike but just watch it all the time or you will realise most episodes are the same.

As you can guess the series is now only running to keep the name alive in preparation for the next video game which is shame as given the high quality of the video games, Pokémon has the potential to be something better.  If you want something that is easy to watch and gives you nothing to think about Pokémon is just the job.

Clearly aimed at kids as there is an emphasis on friendship and teamwork, but then there is nothing wrong with being nice.


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