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Based on: Several episodes

UK Distributor:  Warner Home Video (VHS)

You turn on the telly and Pokémon’s on.  You’ve heard everyone talk about it so you watch to see what the fuss is about.  It’s not bad, basically a 30 minute advert for the games/merchandise but fun and not too taxing.  The animation and drawing aren’t brilliant but then the same can be said about most kid’s cartoons, the story is basically the main characters find a new Pokémon and learn about it before they can understand it whilst the ‘hilarious’ enemies that are Team Rocket attempt to stop them.  You don’t feel a need to see it again but one day a few weeks later it’s on and you watch it and you get a creeping feeling of deja-vu as the same situation as the previous episode is repeated with different Pokémon

That is the problem, this is ok to watch once, it’s even enjoyable, but when you see it again you realise that every episode is near enough the same.  Yes, there are different Pokémon and various new people and trainers turn up but it is essentially the same.  The main characters are uninteresting and the comedy baddies that are Team Rocket are just annoying.  Occasionally it is funny, sometimes bizarre but overall it is formulaic and dull.  Oh no!  Ash has lost to a new Pokémon and only Pikachu can save the day!  And he does.  Every single week.

This is fun and the Pokémon are cute but it is kid’s stuff, once you have seen one episode you have seen them all.  The only reason to keep watching is to see which new Pokémon will turn up.

Best Bit:  The occasional bizarre occurrences.

Worst Bit:  Anything involving Team Rocket.  They are the crappest comedy villains ever created.


Feature:   Extras: N/A

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