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Based on: Whole film

UK Distributor:  Warner Home Video (DVD & VHS)

Making money simply by existing, this film continues the franchise in the same butchering of the original format tradition.

The plot is that a Pokémon collector wishes to add the legendary Pokémon Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno to his collection which means unbalancing the forces of nature (the birds represent fire, electricity and ice).  This leads to the rising of the Pokémon Lugia, which protects the Earth.  He fails and it is up to our heroes to save the day.

This film is awful.  Like the first it contradicts itself again as the usual focus on teamwork is thrown out the window.  You will never care what is happening and the entire film has a cheesy Disney feel to it.  Unlike the first which still had a dark feel to it in places, this is more the sort of crap Americans produce and obviously rushed.  Even if you are a die-hard fan you will be very disappointed, especially when you find out what ‘…and the world will turn to Ash’ means.  You will cry at how bad it is.

And Team Rocket when you say ‘Team Rocket will die’ do so!!!

The only plus side is that there is a song by Weird Al Yankovic during the credits. Look out though as this is followed by Flying Without Wings by Westlife.  As if the film wasn’t crap enough.


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