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Based on:  Whole film

UK Distributor:  Warner Home Video (DVD & VHS)

This is a lot different to the TV series.  Although the voice ‘talent’ remains the same this film actually has a good plot and is very enjoyable to watch.

It starts with the story of Mewtwo, a genetically engineered Pokémon who is the most powerful ever.  He has been created by a team of scientists for evil by a mysterious master (fans will recognise him as Giovanni).  Mewtwo soon realises he is no more then a weapon and turns against his master and vows to discover his meaning and also the destruction of humans.  Lovely.

The dark intro then moves onto Ash, Misty and Brock – the travelling friends who seem to carry around an endless supply of food and table, chairs and a parasol.  They are then invited to Mewtwo’s Island to compete in a Pokémon match.

Once they get there Mewtwo’s intentions are unveiled and it is up to Ash, Misty and Brock to save the world!  Ok, so you are probably thinking that this is the usual rubbish plot that every kids film has, but this film is a lot darker then the usual Disney fare and Mewtwo is a very sinister calm enemy and yet not the stereotypical over-the-top bad guy you see in most other anime.  He is also perfectly voiced.

It’s not all dark as the end is cheesy and unfortunately contradicts much of the film but does give kids something to think about.  The delightfully camp Jesse, James and Meowth provide the humour.

All in all great fun and not the westernized pap you are probably expecting.


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