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Based on: Whole film

UK Distributor:  Warner Home Video (DVD & VHS)

Okay, firstly I will point out that I am not a fan of the series and have never played the computer games.  In fact I’m not really interested in Pokémon in the slightest after seeing a couple of episodes from the series.

I hoped this film would be better than the series and, after a superb and surprisingly deep and meaningful opening, I was completely disappointed.  The intro was well executed, with the genetically engineered Mewtwo questioning his existence and his purpose in life, and left me thinking it would be a bit more adult and have a better storyline than the series.  However, the main characters soon turn up and it becomes no different from every episode, with as many Pokémon squeezed in as possible in order to sell more merchandise.  The story goes nowhere and has the most preachy, cheesy and formulaic Americanised ending you have ever seen with yet more emphasis put on teamwork and the futility of fighting - which is odd considering the whole phenomenon is based around the idea of making these creatures fight each other.

In fairness this is a kids film, the animation and drawing is superior to the series and fans will find plenty to keep them interested in what is essentially a drawn out episode.  However after the quite dark and meaningful intro most people will feel a little disappointed that a decent enough idea was not taken further.

Best Bit:  Mewtwo's creation.

Worst Bit:  The cheesy and contradictory ending.


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