Tom (Webmaster)

Based on: Full Anime

UK Distributor:  Revelation Films (DVD); Kiseki Films (VHS)

Now this is a good example of how anime should be as it has pretty much everything in it Ė action, comedy, stereotyped bad guys and great animation all rolled into one film.

But letís get one thing out of the way first that you may be wondering Ė this is not a pervy film!  The bath scene may not be what you are used to in the UK but like the whole film it has been done tongue-in-cheek and does not even border on hentai.

So now that the most misinterpreted scene in anime is out of the way what of the rest of the film? Well this is classic action comedy that only the Japanese can do.  It is about a group called the Pet Shop Hunters, isnít that enough?  If not then I can assure you the final fight does contain the most hilarious defeat and one of the best deaths I have ever seen in animation.

But simply Plastic Little is great fun and if you want to watch something that isnít serious and something for after the pub then get it.


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