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UK Distributor:  Revelation Films (DVD); Kiseki (VHS)


Got your attention?

Good, I thought I’d get this out of the way first.  This film is best known for containing some extremely well drawn female anatomy which is best displayed in a completely gratuitous bath scene pretty early on, although 17 year old Captain Tita’s, erm, ‘charms’ are displayed at various other points in the film too…

Now, depending on your point of view that might have either  a) put you off this film completely or  b) caught your interest.  Either way I hope you finish reading this review as, to be honest, this film is quite good.

Tita, a young Pet Shop Hunter (someone who catches rare animals to be sold to pet shops – we won’t comment on the morality of that here…) runs into Elysse, the 16 year old daughter of an important scientist, and rescues her from the army, in the process becoming embroiled in a plot to create a super weapon.  So far, so formulaic.

However, the characters are likeable and the villain, General Gaizel, nicely sinister.  There are some great set pieces and the drawing and animation is excellent, particularly on the archetypal anime style characters.  The film is also good fun and features a great death scene near the end.

On the minus side it is a bit clichéd in places and it’s not exactly a thought provoking film, also the English dub is a strange affair, using some odd accents – a couple of the characters sound Russian whilst Elysse has a posh English accent.  Even after repeated viewings I can’t really tell if this works that well, but it is watchable in either language.

If you are going to get this film I suggest you get the Region 1 DVD, the visuals are not only clearer than the English one but it has the Excel Saga trailer on it (which is amazing) and also the Jiggle Counter, a good extra which gives you a flimsy excuse to watch the nude scenes.

All in all, great after the pub anime, and a great thing to put on when you have some mates round.  It's not clever but it's a great action film that is easy to watch.

Best Bit: The gratuitous bath scene (ok, or the final showdown with Gaizel).

Worst Bit: The cheesy flashbacks to Tita's past.


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