Najica Blitz Tactics vol 1

UK distributor: ADV Films

BBFC Certificate: 15

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Episodes: 1 - 4 (of 12)

Audio Options: English 5.1; Japanese 2.0

Subtitles: English

Reviewer:  Tom (Webmaster)


  Ah, the harmless fun that is fan service.  The simple act of giving a quick flash of underwear or flesh during a standard action series.  The Americans started it with Charlie's Angels and then anime shows got in on the act many years later.  Neon Genesis Evangelion has it, kid's shows such as Sailor Moon has it and then Najica Blitz Tactics takes it to a whole new level. 

Opening with full-on shot of protagonist Najica's panted backside, it is obvious that the show is not going to take itself completely seriously and the plot of the opening episode confirms that.  Our heroine Najica runs a cosmetic empire by day and a secret agent by night, using her knowledge of 500 different smells to fight terrorism (and we think Tony Blair's tactics are odd?).  In the first episode Najica is assigned to rescue a girl from the clutches of a lesbian Madame and her army of French maids (yes you did read that correctly) and this rescue mission is where the fan service kicks in. 

Tuxedo Mask remains unimpressed by his sex change...

Close-ups of knickers, suspenders, legs, cleavage, etc. all within the first few minutes and this is before any action has started.  Once the action starts the maids attack Najica with machine guns hidden in their knickers (?) and when Najica knocks them out, they always seem to fall in position that conveniently exposes their knickers.  This is a show for the boys then. 

The action scenes aren't purely cheap thrills though as the fluidity of the animation and camera angles do make for some thrilling shoot-outs.  If it sounds like I am just saying that so I do not come across as someone who enjoys seeing animated lingerie, then you'd be right.  For Najica is unashamedly a fun mix of babes, guns and fan service that is so over-the-top you cannot help but really enjoy it.  Sometime you just can't beat a thin plot with plenty of action after all. 

The opening shot.  It starts as it means to go on!

This is where I might have ended the review, but the Najica does actually surprise by partly entering into a sci-fi plot in the second episode.  For the girl that Najica rescued turns out to be a super strong robot known as a Humaritt.  Naturally the Humaritt, known as Lila, is unaware of her full power and, being naive, is partnered with Najica to be shown the ropes.  Despite Najica being initially upset, Lila does prove she is of use when she proves her worth in a mission.  Najica then becomes more approving of Lila. 

Although the sci-fi element may be thin, it does at least confirm that anything can happen in Najica, no matter how ludicrous and this is certainly bad thing.  With other episodes featuring satellite lasers reactivated by evil tycoons, missions that involve wearing swimsuits and investigating female pop groups, it is clear that Najica Blitz Tactics is straight out Charlie's Angels territory.  Anything can happen no matter how over-the-top and, when it does happen, it is sexy, explosive and lacking in clothing.  There is little else to Najica and that is how I like it. 

Najica Blitz Tactics is the most fun anime containing babes with guns, and it's lack of the seriousness that features more heavily in shows such as Noir is what makes unique and fun.  If you want a serious you will have to look elsewhere at titles such as Gungrave or Noir, but if you just want uncomplicated fun then Najica is the one to buy. 

Guns, babes, action and fan service in practically every shot - the ultimate boy's anime really. 


Another good set of extras from ADV include a fun commentary by the English voice actresses of Najica (Kira Vincent Davies) and Lila (Monica Rial), a decent line-art (mmm...monochrome panties...) and credit free versions of the excellent opening and ending sequences. 

Also included is an original Japanese promo as well as trailers for King Of Bandit Jing, the Martian Successor Nadesico movie: The Prince Of Darkness, Zaion and the insane genius of Colorful


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