X volume 4

UK Distributor:  MVM

BBFC Certificate:  15

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  £15.99

Episodes:  13-16 (of 24)

Audio Options:  English 5.1, Japanese 2.0

Subtitles:  English

Release Date:  1st February 2010

Reviewer:  Amichan

The beginning of disc 4 begins to explore the dark ending of the previous disc.  Kotori has been murdered by her own brother and Kamui seeing this goes into a deep coma reliving the death of Kotori over and over again.  Subaru, who can emphasise with Kamuiís situation, tries to reach out to him in his coma with his own special powers.  Through showing the memories of losing his own sister, he is able to help Kamui break through this.

Upon awaking Kamui seeks to speak to Princess Hinoto and finds out that no matter what choice he had made, Kotori would have died.  The only difference would have been that Kamui, not Fuma, would have killed her instead.

These recent events have caused a significant change in Kamuiís nature; he is no longer arrogant and now accepts help from the rests of the seven seals.  This makes him a much more rounded and likable individual compared with before.

This fourth volume is kept at a particularly dark level.  The game is now on; itís a battle for either the destruction or the salvation of Earth.  The soldiers are lining up on both sides, and not surprisingly the man who Yuzuriha met in the last disk is none other than her enemy: a Dragon of Earth.

The location, Tokyo, really comes into play now as all of the battles so far have taken place on well known landmarks of the city.  The music also plays a key role in the story as it helps to enhance the the emotions and the storytelling being shown on screen.

In this disc, there have been casualties occurring on both sides, but so far the losses have been even.  However, is everyone fighting for the same side?  The story begins to show a new side to Hinoto, is she really helping the Dragons of Heaven?  Or is she sending them to their graves?  Only through watching more will I find out.


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