X volume 3

UK Distributor:  MVM

BBFC Certificate:  12

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  15.99

Episodes:  9-12 (of 24)

Audio Options:  English 5.1, Japanese 2.0

Subtitles:  English

Release Date:  7th December 2009

Reviewer:  Amichan

So at the end of volume two, we were all left in a confused state wondering what Fuma meant when he said that he was Kamui's twin star.  All hope of an answer being given in the first episode of disc three was quickly dashed.  This is because it is another character development episode. This time it follows the story of Dragon of Heaven, Suburu, and shows how he tries to take revenge on Seishiro, a Dragon of Earth, who murdered his sister.

There are in fact two character development episodes in a row on this disc.  The second shows Yuzuriha meeting up again with the first person she met who could see Inuki, her spirit dog.  From here she begins to divulge her past to this man, about how the children used to make fun of her and call her a liar.  While finding out her past is interesting, it is the way that it is being told, which is full of plot holes.  The only people who are able to see Inuki appears to be Dragons of Earth or Heaven.  Yuzuriha, appears to know nothing about the man she is speaking to and for all she knows he could be the enemy!

 It is at this point where I find the separation of "character" episodes and "story" ones slightly jarring.  After such a cliff hanger at the end of disc two, you want to find out about how the story further develops.  Instead you are greeted with character episodes, which are good and certainly go into a level of depth, which is unusual for a 26 episode anime series.  However, as it is not what you want to see, you find yourself treating these episodes almost like filler, even though there is nothing hugely wrong with the quality of them.

Luckily, the last two episodes on this disc do develop the story.  It begins by showing some

of Kamui's childhood.  It shows him leaving Tokyo with his Mother to move to Okinawa, straight after the death of Fuma's and Kotori's mother.  He finds it hard to move away from his friends, but his mother tell that she is doing this for his own good as it will make him strong and able to protect the ones he loves.  It also goes on to show how his mother sacrificing herself for Kamui and asking for him to return to Tokyo.

Back in the present, Kamui is contacted by Tokiko (Kamui's aunt) to meet at the shrine.  When he arrives there he is shocked to find her injured.  It turns out that she was the vessel for the second divine sword, which is meant for Kamui to yield.  The first sword was created when Kotori and Fuma's mother sacrificed herself.  Unfortunately, Kotori hears the disturbance and

goes to the shrine.  Seeing the blood and the sword, takes her back to her mothers death and sends her into a hysterical fit and eventually she passes out.

Meanwhile, one of Tokiko's friends comes to pick them up in order to "seal the sword till the promised day".  It is explained that Kamui must choose whether he wishes to be an Dragon of Earth (revolution) or a Dragon of Heaven (save the current world).  In the end he chooses to be an angel of Heaven to protect Fuma and Kotori.  However, things do not go to plan, as through Kamui choosing his fate it awakens Fuma, as the Dragon of Earth.  He takes away

Kotori and chains her up on a large cross.  Fuma, then goes on to do the unthinkable and kills his own sister.  The disk ends with Kamui crying over Kotori's body.

This series, has taken a very dark turn over this last disk.  It leaves you with so many questions, what will Kamui do?  Has Fuma been possessed?  Or has it always been his wish for the destruction of the Earth?  Is this the beginning of the end?  So far it is hard to find any major criticism of this series.  However, the only thing I would wish for is more of a blend between character and story development in each episode.


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