X volume 2

UK Distributor:  MVM

BBFC Certificate:  12

Suggested Retail Price (SRP):  15.99

Episodes:  5-8 (of 24)

Audio Options:  English 5.1, Japanese 2.0

Subtitles:  English

Release Date:  9th November 2009

Reviewer:  Amichan

So at the end of volume 1, I was left confused with what were the main principles of the story. Luckily for me this was all about to be explained in the first episode of the second disk. In this episode he meets Hinoto (leader of the seven seals) for the first time, whom explains his role in the future to come. She emphasises the meaning of his name  "He who represents god to save the world" and tells him that he has the ability to stop the apocalypse. However, Hinoto sister who is eavesdropping tells Kamui that he has one of two possible futures as his name can also mean "He who hunts the authority of god".  Curious by this other option Kamui, tries to ask for more information. Hinoto, however has other ideas and stops him from speaking to her more.  Kamui angered by this leaves the the Seven seals base.

After this very heavy story driven episode, the following two shows the individual stories of the dragons and angels.  The first of these two episodes, follows the life of Sorata who was taken away from his family in order to fulfil his destiny.  He was brought up by a group of monks and was told from an early age that it he would die for someone he loves.  Sorata, though is not phased by this and in fact he takes it as a sign to live his life to his full potential.

The second character episode follows Satski, one of the seven angels.  Her story is very interesting because when she was a child she was left to her own devices by her father.  She discovered by accident that she was able to talk directly to computers and they soon became her only friends.  Her father who realised her power, sent her away to a lab where she was asked to test a computer system.  Satski though hated this and asked her father if she could leave the lab. When he refused, she kills him in a car accident by using her power to control the traffic lights. It is while she is running away that she first meets Kanoe one of the first people who understands her and explains her role in the end of the world.

I felt that the series in this second disk really began to stand out. It keeps a good balance of story with character development, which is unusual as a lot of series only focus on one of these elements. The way that the characters are being portrayed in this second disk leads to me to believe that all of the supporting cast will have a interesting back story that will be explained as the series further develops.

My only criticism of this disk is that when story does moves forward, it is often at a

 overwhelming pace and is difficult to process in just one episode.  For example, in the final episode of disk two Fuma and Kotari's father dies after being attacked by one of the seven angels.  However, before he dies he gives Fuma the message that he is Kamui's twin star. What this exactly means is not explained in this disk.  It is also not explained why when Kamui is attacked, why Fuma is not only able to walk through the barrier which is used to protect civilians but is also able to destroy the incoming attack.  What makes it even more confusing is that Fuma cannot remember what he has done, nor the fact that he has told Kamui that he is his twin star!

Overall, this second disk was very enjoyable and interesting due to both the story and the characters developing well.  I do believe though that MVM missed a trick by not releasing the 5th episode on disc one instead of this one as the plot begins to makes more sense after watching it.  With such an interesting final episode it makes me compelled to watch the next disc!


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