Love Hina
Love Hina - Kodansha Bilingual Comics

Ken Akamatsu

TokyoPop (Love Hina)
Kodansha (Love Hina - Kodansha Bilingual Comics)

14 volumes (Love Hina)
14 volumes (Love Hina - Kodansha Bilingual Comics)

Available in English?
Yes (Love Hina)
Yes (Love Hina - Kodansha Bilingual Comics)

Other Info: 
All volumes are in the Japanese Tankouban (see Glossary) format and are printed in the traditional Japanese orientation (ie. read right to left).  Each volume contains a next volume preview and all volumes after the first contain a synopsis. 

Motoko Aoyama

The first volume contains a  gallery of preliminary sketches and one volume even contains a character popularity poll!  The Kodansha Bilingual Comics are the same manga as the normal Love Hina, but is (as it says) written in both Japanese and English.  The speech bubbles contain normal Japanese text but the space around the panels is filled with translations in English, so it can be pretty cluttered.  However, it is intended for Japanese readers learning English and can be similarly used by English readers learning Japanese.

All 14 volumes of the manga are now available, and can be bought from most large bookshops and specialist retailers for 6.99 each.  Even if they don't have them on the shelves, bookshops like Waterstone's can order them in for you, and will be able to find them easily if you give them the book's ISBN code.  The ISBN is an international cataloguing code given to every title on publication, the ISBN-10 code for Love Hina vol 1 is:

Love Hina vol 1: 1-9315-1494-1

The Kodansha Bilingual Version of Love Hina is harder to get hold of and more expensive than the normal one, so you're probably better off going for the Tokyopop version.  If you absolutely must track down the bilingual one expect to pay around 10 per volume, best places to look include Amazon and CD Japan.  ISBN for volume 1 is:

Love Hina Kodansha Bilingual Comic vol 1: 4-7700-2715-X