Title:  Love Hina

Creator:  Ken Akamatsu

Year:  2002

Manga Incarnations:
Love Hina - 14 Volumes (Tokyopop)
Love Hina Anime Comic - 11 Volumes (Unlicensed)

Anime Incarnations:
Love Hina - 25 Episode Series (MVM)
Love Hina Christmas Special - 44 minutes (MVM)
Love Hina Spring Special - 45 minute (MVM)
Love Hina Again - 3 Episode Video Series (MVM)
Love Hina Final Selection - Compilation Episode (Unlicensed)

Computer Game Incarnations:
Love Hina Gojasu: Chiratto Happening!! - Sony PlayStation 2 (Konami)
Love Hina Advance - Nintendo GameBoy Advance (Marvelous)
Love Hina: Smile Again - Sega Dreamcast (Sega)
Love Hina: Totsuzen no Engeji Happening - Sega Dreamcast (Sega)
Love Hina: Ai wa Kotuba no Chuu ni - Sony PlayStation (Konami)
Love Hina 2 - Sony PlayStation (Konami)
Love Hina Party - Nintendo GameBoy Colour (Mervelous)
Love Hina Pocket - Nintendo GameBoy Colour (Maberas Entertainment)

Naru Narusegawa


15 years ago Keitaro Urushima made a promise with his childhood sweetheart that they would meet in the prestigious Tokyo University and live happily ever after.  Unfortunately Keitaro is rubbish at exams and is just starting his third year of trying to get in when fate hands him a job as landlord at his Grandma's hotel.  Unfortunately the hotel has become a girls dormitory and the residents are none to pleased to find a man is going to be living there.  Keitaro has to try and cope with his studying whilst dealing with the residents, although he does find himself drawn to one of them - the feisty Naru Narusegawa.  Could she be the girl from his childhood?  Will she ever stop punching him?

Random Trivia:

1.  The anime series contains characters that never appeared in the manga, most notable is Kentaro Sakata, who is a regular in the anime series.

2.  A Love Hina game appeared on the Sony PlayStation 2 in Japan over a year after the anime had ended.

3.  There are several references to computer games and anime in Love Hina, in particular look out for visual parodies of Darkstalkers and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

4.  A character from Love Hina makes a cameo in one episode of the Ken Akamatsu designed children's series Mao-Chan.

5.  The Japanese voice actors from Love Hina did a Japanese concert tour known as Love Live Hina in which they performed music from and inspired by the series.  Concert DVDs are available in Japan of two of the Love Live Hina concerts.

6.  Author Ken Akamatsu makes a few cameo appearances in the anime, notably appearing in episode 14 of the series as well as the Christmas Special and Spring Special.

7.  The TV series was 24 episodes long when it was screened on Japanese TV, but a bonus 25th episode was made for the video release.  This episode is included on the UK release of the Love Hina Christmas Special from MVM.

8.  After the series ended a compilation episode was made called Love Hina Final Selection.  The episode was comprised of clips from the series and all new character introductions.

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