Serial Experiments Lain

Ryutaro Nakamura


25min x13 Episodes

Available in the UK?

Highest Certificate:  12 (vol 1)

Other Info:
Serial Experiments Lain
is available in the UK on DVD (Region 2, PAL) from MVM.  The series is comprised of thirteen 25min episodes, and is available as a complete box set or in four separate DVD volumes.  There were several special edition box sets of Lain released in the US, including a metal lunchbox containing all 4 DVD's and an etched aluminium collectors box but these are now discontinued.

Lain Iwakura


DVD Extras:

English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, Line Art galleries, Clean opening/ending sequences, Promotional adverts, Trailers.

Availability & Price:
All four volumes are available in the UK on DVD from MVM Serial Experiments Lain is available from most high street DVD retailers priced at around 19.99 per volume, but the complete box set is better value at 39.99 and is also more widely available.  Specialist retailers like Forbidden Planet and many larger high street DVD retailers, such as Virgin Megastores and HMV, carry the boxset and occasionally the individual volumes.  As always online shops such as Play.com and Amazon are generally better value than the high street and MVM's own online shop - Anime-On-Line - is probably the most reliable place to buy their DVDs, as they are sent straight from the manufacturer.

The US release limited edition slipcases and lunchbox DVD set are now very rare and prices vary dramatically when one does turn up.  Your best bet for these items are auction sites such as ebay*.

*Auction sites can be rife with unscrupulous individuals who will knowingly sell you pirated goods.  Although the risk is mainly with DVD and CD purchasing, there is a notable amount of pirated toys and apparel cropping up too.  To minimise the risk of being ripped off make sure you check Digital Anime's excellent Piracy FAQ.