CLAMP series are very popular in Japan and Chobits is no exception.  Like most popular modern series it's merchandised so heavily you could easily spend a months wages just on figures and plushes!  The popularity of Chobits in the US and Europe means that some merchandise has received an official western release and as such is quite easy to get hold of.


  A couple of CLAMP books have received Western releases, including a Chobits artbook called Your Eyes OnlyChobits also features in volume 7 of the CLAMP no Kiseki fanbooks, released in the West by Tokyopop.  Each volume of CLAMP no Kiseki comes with chess pieces themed around CLAMP characters, and fittingly volume 7 comes with one of Chi!

  It nearly goes without saying nowadays, but yes, there are Chobits plushes available.  As well as the easily plush-able Atashi from the story-within-the-story A City With No People, plushes of Chi and Sumomo can also be found.  As well as normal sized plushes you can also get smaller ones that come on a keychain.


Hideki Motosuwa

Computer Games:  Surprisingly only two computer games based on Chobits have been released, one on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and one on the Sony PlayStation 2.  The games are pretty much 'dating simulations' where the player takes the role of Hideki and the objective is to keep Chi happy and entertained.  There are mini-games you can play to cheer up Chi, but like most dating sim games the main thrust of it is to talk to Chi and answer her questions correctly in order for her to be happier and like you more.  The PS2 game has a lot more to it than the Gameboy Advance one, with plenty of unlockable content and bonuses.  Both games feature voice acting from the anime series and the Gameboy one was also released with a limited edition Chobits-themed Gameboy Advance console.



Drama CDs:
  The Chobits story may have ended in the anime and manga, but not in the world of CD!  It's quite common for side stories and sequels to an anime series to be released as a spoken-word drama, often featuring the cast of the series reprising their roles.  Anime Drama CDs are usually released after the series has ended in order to cash in a bit before the popularity wanes, but on occasions the Drama CD comes first in order to gauge interest for an anime series.  These CDs are aimed squarely at fans and often feature in-jokes and parodies as well as new versions of theme songs.

Obligatory Odd Merchandise!

Sumomo Parcel Tape:
  Yes, if you want your parcels to be incredibly conspicuous (not to mention sickeningly cute), then this Chobits tape is for you!  As if featuring images of the cute Persocom Sumomo doing a cute dance with a tambourine wasn't enough, the images are also printed in shockingly bright pink ink for a double-whammy of cuteness.  If you can handle the sheer pinkness of it and can find it, you may consider picking it up, but when would you use it?  Surely there can be few occasions when pink parcel tape is required...


Availability & Prices:

Books & Artbooks:  The official Chobits artbook - Your Eyes Only - has received an English language release by Tokyopop and is therefore pretty easy to get hold of through specialist retailers and online shops.  Good places to try include Amazon and your local comic shop or Forbidden Planet, expect to pay around 10-13 for the book.  It is likely that you could order it from your local bookshop as well, to do so we would recommend giving them the book's ISBN number, which is as follows:

Chobits: Your Eyes Only: 978-1-5981-6595-1

The ISBN number is an international book cataloguing code, and providing it to book shop staff makes finding a book on their ordering system really easy.  The CLAMP no Kiseki books can be awkward to get hold of despite the fact that Tokyopop gave them an English language release too.  They crop up from time to time in comic and book shops, and can be ordered in, but it's far easier to get hold of them online.  Again Amazon is a good place to look, as is Otaku UK.  Expect to pay around 10- 17, volume seven comes with chess pieces based on Chi (Chobits), Akira (CLAMP School Detectives) and Mokona (Tsubasa).  The ISBN code is:

CLAMP no Kiseki vol 7: 978-1-5953-2611-9

Two other CLAMP artbooks released by Tokyopop - North Side and South Side - focus on CLAMP's lesser known works and as such don't feature Chobits.

Soundtracks & Drama CDs:  Three Chobits soundtrack CDs have been released in America by Geneon and are still quite easy to get hold of despite Geneon going feet up.  Expect to pay around 15 each for these CDs from the likes of Amazon and Anime On Line.  The Drama CDs have never been released outside of Japan, and probably never will be.  As you would expect the CDs are completely in Japanese with the occasional song to break up the spoken-word tracks.  If you do want to import them expect to pay in the region of 20-25 from retailers such as CD Japan, Amazon or YesAsia.  Beware though, that parcels over 18 in value are liable to duty and VAT when they come to the UK, and you could be charged extra if it is held by Customs.

Computer Games:  Import game sites are pretty common now and you should be able to get hold of the game for the PlayStation 2 relatively easily.  The GameBoy Advance one may prove more tricky, so your best bet would be auction sites*.  Prices for retro games vary depending on supply and demand, but these games were probably released in large numbers so the price shouldn't be too high.  The Chobits Gameboy Advance console is far more difficult to get hold of and would probably go for over 100, but the chances of finding one are pretty slim.  Keep an eye on auction sites like eBay if you are still interested.

Figures & Statues:  There are loads of Chobits statues and figures available in Japan, and Chobits characters turn up in general CLAMP figure ranges too.  Some figures actually received a US release and are quite easy to get hold of from specialist retailers like Forbidden Planet.   Because of the popularity of Chobits in the West, and the increase of specialist online retailers, Chobits figures are pretty easy to get hold of in the UK.  Check out the likes of TokyoToys and Neon Martian, prices vary depending on the rarity/desirability of the figure, and also on the range in question, but generally most small 'capsule toy' figures will set you back around 4 each whereas statues can cost anything up to 80.

Plushes: The Chi and Atashi plushes are very easy to get hold of from pretty much any specialist anime or sci-fi retailer.  Forbidden Planet often stock them and online retailers like TokyoToys usually have them for sale too.  Expect to pay around 10 for standard plushes, and 5 for keyring plushes.

*Auction sites can be rife with unscrupulous individuals who will knowingly sell you pirated goods.  Although the risk is mainly with DVD and CD purchasing, there is a notable amount of pirated toys and apparel cropping up too.  To minimise the risk of being ripped off make sure you check Digital Anime's excellent Piracy FAQ.