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As with all Tokyopop books, the volumes of Chobits are all standard manga size.  Each volume is printed right to left, and volumes 3 and 4 also include translators notes.  Each volume is 160 pages long, not including the notes/adverts at the end.

All eight volumes of Chobits are available from most bookshops, as well as comic shops, online stores and sci-fi

Chitose Hibiya

retailers.  If your local bookshop doesn't have them in stock they can easily be ordered, and the best help you can give a bookshop employee to find titles you want to order is the ISBN number.  The ISBN is an international cataloguing code given to each new book on publishing, and makes tracking down and ordering books a doddle for book shop staff.  The ISBN numbers for Chobits are as follows:

Vol 1: (978) 1-9315-1492-5
Vol 2: (978) 1-5918-2005-5
Vol 3: (978) 1-5918-2006-2
Vol 4: (978) 1-5918-2007-9
Vol 5: (978) 1-5918-2153-3
Vol 6: (978) 1-5918-2257-8
Vol 7: (978) 1-5918-2258-5
Vol 8: (978) 1-5918-2409-1

Expect to pay 6.99 per volume from high street shops.  However, one of the best places to buy manga is online, and Amazon, Play.Com, Anime-On-Line and TokyoToys have Chobits listed at very competitive prices.  Expect to pay around 5 per volume online.