Title:  Chobits

Creator:  CLAMP

Year:  2002

Manga Incarnations:

Chobits - 8 Volumes (Tokyopop)

Anime Incarnations:

Chobits - 26 Episode Series (MVM)

Computer Game Incarnations:

Chobits - Nintendo GameBoy Advance (Marvelous)
Chobits - Sony PlayStation 2 (Broccoli)

Country bumpkin Hideki moves to the big city to go to college and to start a new life.  However, he is shocked by how many people there own Persocoms, amazing and attractive humanoid computers that act as companions and PCs in one.  Hideki really wants to buy one himself, but their huge cost is well out of his meagre price range.  Therefore he thinks that all of his Christmases have come at once when he finds one seemingly abandoned in a rubbish pile.  He decides to take it


and reactivate it, but he soon finds that his new find is not the average Persocom.  For one, she doesn't look like any other persocom on the market and secondly she seems to have no memory and can't even talk.  Hideki isn't about to give up on her though, he names her Chii after the only word she can say, and starts to teach her to speak and live.  His feelings for her grow and he tries to find out more about her mysterious past, but he is not alone in his curiosity.  Chii's uniqueness brings plenty of unwanted attention, and Hideki will have his work cut out if he wants to protect her...

Random Trivia:

1. Chobits is one of CLAMP's biggest international hits.

2.  Chobits is set in the same universe as one of CLAMP's other major hits, Angelic Layer.  The series is set a few years after the events of Angelic Layer, but does crossover with it in places.  The most notable link is that the same scientist - Ichiro Mihara - creates the Persocoms in Chobits and the Angels in Angelic Layer.

3.  The Japanese voice actresses who played Persocoms Sumomo and Kotoko in the Chobits anime, Motoko Kumai and Yukana Nogami, also worked together on CLAMP's classic series Cardcaptor Sakura.  They played Syaoran and Meiling respectively.

4.  Characters and locations from Chobits, most notably Chi and Hideki's apartment building, also appear in Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, another of CLAMP's anime and manga series.

5.  The staff of UK merchandise retailer TokyoToys have adopted pseudonyms based on characters from Chobits.  The shop's manager is named Hideki after the male lead from the series, and one of his chief assistants is named Sumomo after the cute Persocom.

6.  The word 'Persocom' is used in Japan in the same was as 'pc' is used in England.  It derives from shortening the term 'Personal Computer'.

7.  The Persocom Freya shares her name with the Norse goddess of love and fertility.

8.  Sumomo means Plum in English, and the Persocom of the same name is called Plum in the English manga.

9.  A limited edition Chobits themed Nintendo GameBoy Advance was released in Japan alongside a Chobits game.  The special handheld was made from clear blue plastic and featured a small image of Chi and the Chobits logo on it.  It was only available in a special package that included the game.

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