Morio Asaka


Chobits - 25 min x26 Episodes

Available in the UK?

Highest Certificate:  12 (vol 1)

Other Info: 
Chobits is available on DVD in the UK (Region 2, PAL) from MVM, there are six volumes.  The series has also been released in the UK as a 'thinpack' boxset, which contains all six volumes in a nice slipcase box.  Volumes 1, 2, 4 and 5 contain 4 episodes each, whilst volume 3 contains 5 episodes and


volume 6 contains three.  However, volume 6 also includes three additional 'recap' episodes comprised of clips of the series with a voiceover and a couple of new bits, as well as a short animation called 'Chibits' which features Sumomo and Kotoko.

DVD Extras: 
English dub, Japanese dub, English subtitles, colour art galleries, trailers, bonus episodes.

Availability & Price:
All six volumes are available in the UK on DVD from MVM Chobits is available from most high street DVD retailers priced at around 15.99 per volume.  For better prices it is always best to look online, and Play.com offer each volume for around 11 with free UK delivery.  Now the box set has been released you will find that the individual volumes become more and more scarce, but on the plus side you may see them crop up in online and high street sales and special offers as shops aim to clear out their old stock.  Keep your eyes open for a bargain!

The boxset costs 50 from most high street shops such as HMV and Zavvi but as always can be found cheaper online.  Have a look for the set in the same places as the single volumes.  ___________________________________________________________________________