Yukito Kishiro
(Creator, Battle Angel Alita)

Born in 1967 in Tokyo, Yukito Kishiro began sketching monsters and making up stories at a young age and began drawing manga series when he went to secondary school.  It wasn't long before his strong and distinctive art got noticed, and at the age of 17 Kishiro won Shonen Sunday's best newcomer manga artist award for his short manga Kikai.

 Spurred on by this success Kishiro created several other short manga series, but he really hit the big time in 1990 when a

A 'recent photo of the author' apparently...

  publisher noticed a sketch of a robot girl he had doodled and asked him to make a manga featuring her.  Thus began Gunnm (better known in the West as Battle Angel Alita), a sci-fi epic that enjoyed worldwide success despite only moderate popularity in Japan.  He went on to create nine volumes before ending the series abruptly due to mental fatigue, and after a break he moved on to the lighter-hearted Aqua Knight, a reworking of one of his earlier doujinshi.

However, he eventually bowed to fan pressure and put Aqua Knight on hold so he could complete the true ending to Battle Angel Alita in the form of the sequel series Battle Angel Alita: Last OrderLast Order was something Kishiro had wanted to do for some time and was based on plot elements developed for the computer game Gunnm: Martian Memory, rather than continuing those from the original Battle Angel Alita.  The series (at the time of writing) is still ongoing in Japan, and is enjoying as much worldwide success as its predecessor.

Kishiro himself has become increasingly interested in CGI artwork, which he has started using for the covers of his more recent manga, and spends his free time collecting old cartoon theme tunes and books on the paranormal.

 (Titles in Red are not available in English)

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Junks: The Space Rover
Mirai Toukyou Headman
Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)
Gunnm (Novel)
Ashen Victor
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Battle Angel Alita: Last Order